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is just a call away Dr. Patrick O'Neill is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician who has been practicing chiropractic for 26 years. He has owned his own chiropractic clinic in North Charleston for six years. He specializes in all areas of chiropractic and wants to help you achieve your optimum health. Schedule your free consultation to talk about the pain you are experiencing, and let Dr. Patrick O'Neill put you on the path to a pain free, healthy life.

Better Health Naturally

A Combined, Holistic Approach To Spinal Health

At our office in North Charleston, we offer pain management chiropractic services. Your chiropractor is certified to handle shoulder, knee, wrist, elbow and many other injuries. We take a holistic approach to handling your chiropractic needs. Our goal is to tie together your current diet and exercise routines with your chiropractic needs to give you a better quality of life overall.

We offer a combination of services to help you achieve better health, including: chiropractic services, full spectrum chiropractics, exams, x-rays, electric muscle stimulation, roll arm massage tables, custom orthotics, weight loss programs, and physical and massage therapy.

These are just some of the services that we provide. Contact our office for more information about services you are looking for.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

When you visit O'Neill Chiropractic in North Charleston, SC for your first appointment, be prepared to talk with the doctor about any trouble your are experiencing and your overall goals for chiropractic services. The doctor will put you on a clear path to resolve your pain, weight loss or massage therapy needs to get you feeling your best.

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