Some people wonder whether massage therapy works. Studies show that massage therapy treats different symptoms related to various mental and physical conditions. Sure, the treatment can help you feel relaxed, but it can do way more than that.

Massage therapy from a trained massage therapist can do wonders for your health. This age-old practice that squeezes and rubs your muscles can leave you feeling re-energized. The benefits of massage therapy are not hearsay—decades of research support them.

Here are crucial bits of information on the five health benefits of massage therapy.

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Relieving Anxiety And Stress

How does massage therapy relieve anxiety and stress? The gentle pressure a massage therapist applies on your body causes the body to release more endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin—the happy hormones. The body does this as it reduces the production of cortisol or stress hormones.

Besides, the heat your body experiences during the massage stimulate relaxation. When your body relaxes, your heart rate decreases. That reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

Reducing Body Pain

Do you experience headaches, muscle pain, or back pain? Massage therapy can help cure the pain. It does this by applying gentle pressure on the sore area to relax the affected muscles and relieve pain.

Your massage therapist will use tools and techniques to stimulate your nerves, sending relief messages to your brain to ease the pain. The tools and techniques your practitioner will use will depend on the site and the cause of your pain.

Boosting Immunity

Massage therapy can help strengthen or build your immune system. Research shows that getting regular massages can help remove toxins and improve your body’s ability to fight illnesses. The therapy stimulates white blood cells that help your body ward off diseases.

Additionally, massage therapy helps improve blood flow throughout your body. This helps strengthen your body cells and tissues, allowing you to move and work better.

Improving Sleep

If you are having trouble with your sleep, seeing a massage therapist could be the solution you need. Studies by the American Massage Therapy Association show that massage therapy can ease fatigue and boost sleep.

The treatment achieves this by enabling the body to release serotonin, a hormone that brings feelings of calmness. As such, massage therapy helps improve your sleep by reducing stress and managing body pain caused by injury or stress.

Improving Digestion

Massage therapy triggers the release of enzymes that help speed up digestion. With faster digestion, your body can remove toxins and digest food better. Faster digestion also relieves stomach cramps, gas bloats, and constipation.

Your massage therapist will massage your stomach to reduce tension in the muscles. This helps ease digestion and constipation.

If you think massage therapy is right for you, talk to your doctor about getting the treatment. The treatment may not be good for you if you are pregnant, have a bone fracture, an infection, or chronic illness.

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